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Sep 14, 2008

Topsail Island

by Greg:

A photo of the fam from our beach house

For the last week, the Von Sherwood family singers took a little R&R at the beach with some of Nicolle's family. We had a great time and Greg will be spending the next 2 years trying to convince his family that Topsail Island is the place for the next Sherwood family reunion. Hopefully some of these pictures will do some of the convincing for him.

The view from our deck

Another nice little comparison:

September 1st - Pacific Beach, WA - Water Temp - 55 degrees

September 1st - San Diago, CA - Water Temp - 65 degrees

September 1st - Topsail Beach, NC - Water Temp - 80 degrees

Clara loved the ocean and the waves. She would run out into the water and would kick the waves as they would crash onto her.

She also liked digging in the sand, and then moving the sand in a toy truck

She was determined to get the sand transported

We got to body surf and boogie board. Nicolle's mother even went boogie boarding.

Here is the proof.

If you want to know how Clara felt about this place, just see the clip below. (The word she is repeating is "happy."

The week flew by and we are ready to go back soon. So anyone that wants to join us, just let us know.

Sep 1, 2008

Clara got Glasses

Clara has bad eye sight. You may ask, "Greg, how do you know a 19 month old girl needs glasses?" I will tell you.
Nicolle has taught Clara how to say "1 more." So now Clara raises her index finger to indicate that she would like ONE more."
Well, today I was giving Clara some of my dessert, and I say 1 more, then she says 1 more and indicates the number of bites of my dessert that she wants.."1".

After getting the bite, she then asks for another bite. My only answer to this is either she is a rickshaw driver from India or she is seeing double. Since she is not old enough to drive, she must have double vision.
I hope the glasses will help this problem go away.
PS I am joking, glasses can't cure double vision.