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Oct 23, 2008

for Greensboro voters

Hello Greensboro voters... here is some information on bonds that will go before voters Nov. 4th -VOTE YES to keep Greensboro a great place to live!
War Memorial Auditorium Bond - $50 million
Supports structural, lobby, seating and balcony renovations
Renovations will attract entertainment acts that appeal to a broad audience and promote cultural tourism
A renovated War Memorial Auditorium will serve as a critical performance venue for our local arts sector
Delay of renovations to War Memorial Auditorium will be an economic loss for our community
County Sales and Use Tax Referendum - 1/4 cent increase in sales tax
1/4 cent sales tax will secure an alternative revenue stream to grow our community and the arts 1/4 cent sales tax addresses county's need for additional revenue while allaying pressure on property taxes
1/4 cent sales tax will generate about $16 million annually for Guilford County; 40% of this revenue would be contributed by non-residents
1/4 cent sales tax will increase revenue while keeping property taxes competitive
1/4 cent sales tax will not apply to groceries or gas
Parks and Recreation Bond - $20 million
Funds will support Phase 1 of the Gateway Gardens project, an important aspect to our quality of life
Gateway Gardens project incorporates art in public spaces
Funding for Parks & Recreation facilities and venues position Greensboro as an attractive place to live and work
Transportation Bond (Street Improvement) - $134 million
Funds to maintain and upgrade transportation infrastructure including streets, bridges, greenways, intersections, streetscapes and trails
Greensboro's trail and greenway system incorporates public art, provides alternative transportation avenues and promotes health and wellness
Funds will allow Greensboro to leverage critical state and federal grants as well as private funding
Greensboro's trail and greenway system add to our quality of life

Oct 12, 2008

What do you do on Sunday nights?

Greg: Playing with the toy he bought "for Clara."
(He would like for me to tell you that he bought it for $2).

Nicolle: seriously considering becoming a vegetarian while reading "Fast Food Nation" by Eric Schlosser. Have you read this?... yikes!!!

P.S. Kelly tagged me (Nicolle) to post 6 quirks... here they are.
1. I always rinse my mouth 5 times after brushing my teeth... no more, no less.
2. I constantly tap a rhythm, with my hands, toes, teeth... anything, really. I don't usually realize I am doing it until Greg asks, "What song are you tapping?" Wierd, I know...
3. When I ride a roller coaster or a boogie board, I can't resist screaming... LOUDLY.
4. I am a germ-a-phobe. Hotel comforters freak me out the most... I never touch them.
5. I only remember movies I have seen for a short time... after two weeks, I have to ask Greg, "Have I seen this?"
6. I don't like talking on the phone, so I make Greg place all of our phone calls, then get mad at him when he doesn't say the right thing. I

Oct 8, 2008

Goodbye, Henry

For the past 3 1/2 years, I have worked with Henry Ingram, co-founder and Artistic Director of Music for a Great Space. Henry passed away on September 13. I'm not sure what this means for the future of MGS or my part in it.
Henry's memorial service was beautiful. As another co-worker of mine put it, "it made me wonder about my own orth/value/contribution that will exist when I leave this world. A little overwhelming, to be in the shadow of someone so generous, gracious and significant as Henry." He will be missed!

Oct 5, 2008

"Too" funny videos

A short recital:

Kissing Cousins:


by Nicolle:
Clara started preschool this month. She LOVES it! When I ask her in the morning if she wants to go to school, she RUNS to get her shoes. Once I went out of the neighborhood the back way and she cried and pointed in the other direction, saying "SCHOOL! Mommy, Pease (please)." Originally we signed her up for 2 mornings/week, but she has a really great teacher and is THRIVING, so we switched her to 3 mornings a week. After her first day, I asked her what she learned and she shouted "YELLOW." Oh, you learned about the color yellow, what else did you do? "BOOK." Oh, you read some books? "No, book" (and she showed me the sign language for book). Oh, you learned the sign for book, good girl!
Here she is with her tote bag all ready for school!
She is a little girl with a big personality and LOTS of energy, so this is a good outlet for her.

P.S. I ran in the http://www.womensonlyrun.com/ 5K this weekend. Lots of fun, especially with such a cute fan to watch the race and help me eat snacks aftewards. (Oh yeah, Greg is a cute fan, too).