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Oct 5, 2008


by Nicolle:
Clara started preschool this month. She LOVES it! When I ask her in the morning if she wants to go to school, she RUNS to get her shoes. Once I went out of the neighborhood the back way and she cried and pointed in the other direction, saying "SCHOOL! Mommy, Pease (please)." Originally we signed her up for 2 mornings/week, but she has a really great teacher and is THRIVING, so we switched her to 3 mornings a week. After her first day, I asked her what she learned and she shouted "YELLOW." Oh, you learned about the color yellow, what else did you do? "BOOK." Oh, you read some books? "No, book" (and she showed me the sign language for book). Oh, you learned the sign for book, good girl!
Here she is with her tote bag all ready for school!
She is a little girl with a big personality and LOTS of energy, so this is a good outlet for her.

P.S. I ran in the http://www.womensonlyrun.com/ 5K this weekend. Lots of fun, especially with such a cute fan to watch the race and help me eat snacks aftewards. (Oh yeah, Greg is a cute fan, too).


Team Harris said...

Preschool!??? Awwwwwww. She looks so cute ready for her big day.

andrea said...

So glad to hear preschool is going well. I'd been meaning to ask you. She looks ADORABLE standing by the door.

Way to go on the 5K!

Kari said...

Great job on the 5k. Maya had the same sweater that Clara had on. It was one of my favorites!!

Natalie said...

I am so glad Clara enjoys school. How fun is that? She is soo adorable!