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Jul 26, 2007

Best Fall Festival Ever

I have a new responsibility at church... to plan the activities. We will be having a "Fall Festival." I need your help... what was the best fall festival you've attended, and why? You can also share fall party duds, so I know what activities to avoid.

Eating some cereal

Clara is starting to learn to eat solid foods. Here are some photos from one of her first attempts.

First, she played with the farm animal toys on her high chair.

After... what a messy girl!

Better Opera Photos

I just got ahold of some better opera production photos.

Jul 11, 2007

The Britts and the Beach

A couple of weeks ago (yes, we are behind on blogging) our good friends, Mike and Leah Britt, came to visit from AZ. We met them after we were first married...they lived in the same condo complex as us. While they were here we tried to show them some of our favorite things about NC. Mike and Leah (with their cute boy, Hendrix) are pictured below at Carter Brother's Barbeque. YUM! I told them about how we came here at least once a week during the last month of my pregnancy.

Then we went to Carolina Beach... we love that it is only a 3 1/2 hour drive from our house. It was Clara's first trip to the beach. We put up an umbrella for shade and set up her favorite chair.
Here is our little beach bum.
She loved digging her feat in the sand and watching the water.
We hope to go back to the beach, soon!
Thanks for traveling all the way across the country to see us, Britts!

Jul 6, 2007

Who's In?

by Nicolle:
I found a triathlon I want to do... anyone want to join me???

Saturday, August 25, 2007 ::: Hillsborough, North Carolina: Endurance Challenge Triathlon
Swim 500 meters, Bike 16 miles, Run 3.1 miles
Start Time: 8:00 AM
Location: Triangle Sportsplex - 209 Meadowland Dr - Hillsborough, NC 27278
email: jdavis@setupevents.com
Register On-Line At: Set Up Events
Price: $55 (+as race day draws nearer)
Course Info: S-500 m (pool), B - 16 miles, R-5k
Great spectator friendly course at one of the regions largest aquatic centers. Scenic bike course finsihes with a nice downhill stretch to transition.
2007 Results At: Click Here
2005 - 2006 Results: Set Up Events

Jul 5, 2007

The Good Life

by Nicolle:
When Greg and I first met, I was in graduate school working on a Masters degree in Vocal Performance. He asked what I wanted to do with that... and I respoonded by asking if he wanted the right answer or the real answer. He said he guessed he would like to hear both.

The right answer was... to use my degree to teach voice at the college level and travel around performing in operas and oratorios.

The real answer was that I what I really wanted was to be a mom, who could sing professionally on the side when the opportuntiy arose.

This past month I got my wish. I got to spend my days with my wonderful baby girl and my nights rehearsing for and performing in a new opera called Strange Fruit. This was only possible with the encouragement given to me by my wonderful husband, who pushed me out the door when he got home from work so I wouldn't be late, took great care of Clara while I was gone, did the dishes before I got home, and waited up for me to hear my excitement or frustrations... depending on how the night had gone. -He didn't know what he was in for when I gave him my real answer. :)

I am living "the good life," am fully aware of it, and am SO grateful. Thanks to all those who helped watch Clara and to everyone who came to see the show!

Here is a photo of Clara helping me practice...
This is a bad publicity photo taken early on in rehearsals. There are some better ones that were taken during dress rehearsals that I'll post later if I can get ahold of them.

Here is a photo of me, my Mom, and my brother Sean after the final performance.