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Jul 11, 2007

The Britts and the Beach

A couple of weeks ago (yes, we are behind on blogging) our good friends, Mike and Leah Britt, came to visit from AZ. We met them after we were first married...they lived in the same condo complex as us. While they were here we tried to show them some of our favorite things about NC. Mike and Leah (with their cute boy, Hendrix) are pictured below at Carter Brother's Barbeque. YUM! I told them about how we came here at least once a week during the last month of my pregnancy.

Then we went to Carolina Beach... we love that it is only a 3 1/2 hour drive from our house. It was Clara's first trip to the beach. We put up an umbrella for shade and set up her favorite chair.
Here is our little beach bum.
She loved digging her feat in the sand and watching the water.
We hope to go back to the beach, soon!
Thanks for traveling all the way across the country to see us, Britts!


andrea said...

That last pic of you two from the side is adorable. You need to enlarge and frame it.

Hope we get to be your beach buddies soon!

Natalie said...

I am glad that Clara was able to enjoy the beach! Now you need to teach her how to swim. Those pictures of both of you are too cute!

Mike said...

Great times over there! -But why is that man in one of the pics, behind your right shoulder just yawning away the day like that?! -Doesn't he know that it's Clara's 1st time @ dipping her feet in the Atlantic ocean?!?!