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Feb 3, 2015

Baby s-isms

Wet's have a tea-cup party.  (Instead of tea party)

She calls me "mama" 
She doesn't like to walk down the stairs by herself and since she is my baby I spoil her by carrying her when she requests "Hold-ju mama"
She is learning to express her feelings.  "I'm so Frus-ter-a-Ted!"

"Mama, we ah-forgot (I forgot instead of just forgot)."
She loves to pretend play with little characters, dinosaurs, or anything else she can get her hands on.  If she doesn't have anything handy her hands will do.  There is always a mama and a baby.  They are often placed in perilous situations and she says "we gotta get ouva here."
Another of her favorite games is to pretend to be a baby kitty.  I am mama kitty and she purrs as she snuggles up to me. 

She likes to show off her muscles like this.

C's 8th birthday

We had a party with friends at the pool.

Baby S (how much longer can I keep calling her that?!?) spent most of the time lining up her rubber duckies.
You could say that she and her older sisters are quite different.  Here is SJ's wild jump off the diving board.

And c playing king of the mountain on the giant floating octopus.  

We were having so much fun that we forgot to take very many photos.  It was a great day to celebrate our sweet C who is growing up way too fast.

Seahawks fever

We caught the bug... It is kind-of hard not to while living in Seattle. We even roped my Mom into the Super Bowl madness while she was in town.  (This photo was taken after the very disappointing end of the game.  We are trying to still smile).
marshawn-lynch We borrowed a Marshawn Lynch jersey for my Mom to wear on blue Friday.  The biggest-baddest player on the team.  Greg and I thought it was so funny to match her up with him. 

This Seahawks man lives at the entrance to our neighborhood (during the playoffs).   We like to visit him on walks.  

The kids have "blue Friday" at school each time there is a weekend game.  The whole school participates.  The bus driver even leads Seahawks cheers on the way home from school.  Pretty fun!

Techie party

We went to our first amazon office party.  It was was way different than the Volvo holiday parties of yesteryear.  Weezer was there (remember them?)

The activities included Lego building, video games, and break-dancers.

It was fun, but I'm not sure we fit in.  We were either too cool or too nerdy.  I Can't quite decide.  

C's baptism

We had a very special weekend. Both Grandmas were here.