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Jan 28, 2007

The Best Week Ever

Our first week home with Clara was wonderful. (Yes, we realize it has been almost 2 weeks, but we didn't have time to post until now. Also, the title "Best Week Ever" sounds alot better than "Best Two Weeks Ever.") The three of us spent it at home where Greg and Nicolle fell more in love with Clara and learned to take care of her. (The biggest lesson we learned was that just because the daiper was off, didn't mean she was finished pooping!) Here are some photos of Clara's "firsts." Meeting cousins Chloe and Luke

Meeting Grandma Alexandre

First Dr. visit

First bath

First 2am viewing of Sportscenter with Dad

We are afraid to say it, for fear of jinxing our good fortune, but for the most part Clara sleeps great at night- waking only once or twice for feedings and is easy to calm if she cries. We love her so much and are amazed by her every day.

Jan 23, 2007

The Weight and Date Winner and Answers

Congratulations to Natalie Dorrance for guessing the exact weight of Clara at 7 lbs and 2 oz. Kim Rapier also guessed that weight, but the tiebreaker was the date, and Natalie was closer at Jan 10th than Kim was with Jan 7th.

The overall results are as follows:

The winning prize is that Natalie gets to hold Clara, and get to see her husband hold a baby (under 1 year of age) for the first time.

At the other end of the scale, Natalie Harris, also gets a prize for guessing the furthest off on both the weight and the date. Natalie gets to be able to have a child with the same birth weight as her husband (around 10 lbs), and the child will also arrive with the same efficiency as her husband (about 2 weeks late).
Clara's reaction to the response from Nathalie Harris
Answers to the other questions:
Q. The dumbest thing that Greg will say:
A. While Greg didn't say many dumb things, the dumbest thing he did was eat beef jerky around Nicollle while she was in labor. (She hates the smell of it when not in labor)
Q. Meanest name Nicolle will call Greg:
A. Nicolle was very nice to Greg and did not call him any names, but if she would had, it would have been, A Cottonheaded Ninny Muggins. (Good job Chuck)
Q. What will Greg's first words be when Clara is born
A. "She is huge."

Jan 19, 2007

Clara's homecoming

We brought Clara home on Wednesday, Jan. 17th. Here she is modeling her "going home" outfit. (Just a bit too big!)

All bundeled up in her car seat...

It is great to have her home- she really belongs with us.

More delivery photos

We are to grateful to have had an awesome team to help with labor and delivery. It made our special day even more wonderful.

Suzanne Gardner (Nicolle's sister), an experienced Mom, was especially helpful cheering Nicolle through the final stages of labor.

Mary Topp, friend and wonderful labor and delivery nurse, came in on her day off to be our very own nurse.

Vicki Latham, our very favorite midwife, worked hard to help us avoid the need for birth by C-section.

Dad was a trooper the whole way through.

Our first reactions on seeing Clara: (Our feelings are indescribable) Nicolle cried (hard!) and Greg laughed continuosly for the first hour after the birth.

And, of course, the star of the day... Clara! This photo was taken just after her bath. She really enjoyed getting her hair washed... she already enjoys the type of pampering you get in a salon... uh oh!

Jan 15, 2007

Clara Hannah Sherwood

Born January 15th at 5:52pm
7 Lbs 2 ounces and 20 1/2 inches
Mother and Daughter are doing great

Clara's Birth Part 1

After almost a week of waiting we decided that we did not want to wait another week to be induced. We called the hospital and they had an appointment at 6am on Monday, January 15th.

When someone in Nicolle's condition is induced, it could take more than 2 days to have the baby. We went to our friend’s house and got about 4 days worth of DVD’s so we would not be bored while waiting for the baby to be delivered.

Clara at her young age has already figured out how to push her parents to the edge and then back off. At 2am Nicolle started having strong contractions. At 5:30am we were admitted to the hospital. The nurse has yet to see pain tolerance to equal Nicolle. At 10:30am, Nicolle was 8 cm and is able to rest because of the epidural. That is all for now.

Jan 10, 2007

The Waiting is the Hardest Part

No baby, yet. So far, she is only 2 days late, but my visit to the midwife yesterday wasn't promising. They have scheduled me to be induced beginning on Friday night, Jan. 19th if she doesn't come on her own before then. We are grateful for modern medicine, and know she'll arrive one way or another, but we would love for her to come naturally. Your prayers would be appreciated!
Nicolle, Greg, and baby Clara


P.S. This is all Greg's fault (see below) :)