Our Savior's love, shines like the sun with perfect light. As from above, it breaks through clouds of strife.

Feb 29, 2016

Happy Birthday Daddy!

We sure love you!

It's his last year before he becomes an old man.  :)  

Thanksgiving 2015

Gigi and Poppi were able to be here "on their way" to their misison in SLC.  

Halloween 2015

Fairy, baby kitty/ballerina/fairy, ballerina

SJ's 1st grade party

S's preschool trip to the farm/pumpkin patch

We went to the same one as a family.  

Trick or treating at Dad's office

SJ's soccer team in their costume capes.


Fun fall activities

Observation day in ballet... the best part was when she got to invite her sisters to join her for free dance.

"Night of the Notables"- C researched Harriet Tubman and got to present a poster/project, read an origial poem, and answer clues about her life.  

Disney on ice.  I'm grateful to have little girls.  :)

I'm so glad when Daddy comes home

Greg has taken a couple of trips to Ireland for work.  The girls are so jealous because they want to go there to see all of the fairies that live there.  

One time there were no cabs at the airport when he got home, so they put him in a limo for the same price.  It totally cracked us up to see him pull up in that.  

On another trip he visited China and brought these back for the girls.  I put on Gilbert and Sullivan's Three Little Maids and let them dance!

Morning Shenanigans

SJ is an early bird... we usually wake up to see her in the middle of a mad scientist type experiment

Or sometimes she prepares "breakfast in bed" for us.

One morning I found these 3 all cuddled up in a chair playing pretend ponies (the hands were the ponies) with S.

("I love Mom because you are sweet")
And because falling asleep while reading is so cute...

Family Photos by KaliLu Photography, September 2015

Is she sweet or mischievous?  (Photographer captured both sides of SJ)

Feb 28, 2016

Amazon robotics fair with c and N! October 2015

(I enlisted some help on catching up on our family blog from sweet C.  Her commentary is way better than mine... check it out)

c is the only one smilling in the marshmallow contest, did n even see the photo being taken?

a circut board that c made that generatates wind.
a so called "bench" that N..(ect) think is a relaxing break.

trip to Vancouver! September 2015

hike trip to salmon runoff, you can see the sparkle in c's eyes.
trip to the aqariam with 2nd cousins, s and SJ both have different opinans.
now here's some photography, is that a scuba diver in a heap of jellyfish, or a silluette of c in front of a glass tank?

Feb 26, 2016

First Day of School

C- 3rd grade, entering the Discovery Program- wants to be an inventor
SJ-1st grade- wants to be a scientist
S- first year of preschool!- wants to be a big girl