Our Savior's love, shines like the sun with perfect light. As from above, it breaks through clouds of strife.

Apr 29, 2009

Greg is Sure Cheap

My old roommate, Greg Dibb, is cheap just like me. But he just won $999.99. Check this out.

Congrats Greg

Apr 23, 2009

Help Greg Win

Greg did the Winston Salem Adventure Race again. He got 5th place out of 65 teams. But his team name can still win. Please click on http://ww.sceneinwinston-salem.com/ and vote for "The Very Pants he was about to return"

Apr 22, 2009

The Sun'll Come Out, Tomorrow

We finally got it on video (usually she stops whatever cute thing she is doing and runs straight for the camera as soon as we pull it out).

P.S. I am tring to catch up on my blogging/journaling about Clara. I started a post way back in November, but never finished it. If you are a Clara fan, click here to see this new/old post.

Clara's Favorites

Clara posed for a photo for first time. Our friend held up the camera and she put her arms around both of us and pulled us in. We loved it.
Favorite phrases:
"My do it"
"I do it my- by- self" (Clara is a very independent, strong-willed girl)
"Daddy go work(/church/class) go wide Daddy's twuck" (Daddy is going one of those places in his truck).
"My go pway dess-up (My go play dress-up). Mommy pay dess-up, too"?!?

Cutest phrases:
A'm habin a tea pody (I'm having a tea party- she uses the whole range of her voice, from low to high during this sentence.)
I cweam up (I clean up... not usually as productive as it sounds)
No tank you! (No thank you... usually in a desperatly sad voice)
Favorite songs to sing:
Tomorrow and Maybe from Annie
Cuckoo, Cherry Tree and Sitting Here Together from Kindermusik
I am a Child of God and I Love to See the Temple
Favorite activities:
Dress up (all day, every day)
Favorite Places to go:
The zoo (almost every morning she smiles at my coyly and asks... "Go fun zoo day?!?")
"Go gym" (Mommy works out while she has a blast on the moon bounce)
"Go school day"
"Daddy munch" (meet Daddy for lunch)
McAllister's Deli- our usual spot

She sits at the table with us, now, but she usually ends up on one of our laps (easier to reach the table and easier to steal the food off of our plates, I suppose).
We're working on potty training... this is what it looks like at our house.
She is (maybe) finally getting the idea about the new baby on the way. The other day she shoved a baby doll under my shirt. "Mommy hab a baby in da tummy."

Apr 21, 2009

Camping Trip

Here are some photos from our camping trip a couple of weeks ago. We went to Hagan Stone Park with some friends and had a blast. I think there were about 6 toddlers, there, and they loved playing together in the great outdoors.

It looks like Shaelyn is about to go bowling and Clara, Grant, Evelyn, and Collin are the pins.

Swinging with Daddy is fun because he pushes way too high!

Hanging out in the tent... this was probably the favorite camping activity for the girls... running in and out and in and out of the tent.

Picking flowers and running in the grass was fun, too.
P.S. You have to get this hide-a-mat. I bought it (from Costco) to sleep on in the tent and it is sooooo comfortable- way better than those air mattresses that deflate by morning. (Just make sure you don't share it with a 2 year old who likes to sleep horizontally).

Apr 12, 2009

Happy Easter

We have had a great Easter Weekend.
First Greg got Friday off so Thursday night we went camping(that will require a seperate post, but here is a preview photo of Clara loving her first S'more).
Saturday Clara had a easter egg hunt at Nicolle's Gym. We feel that for Clara's agressive and competitive development it will be to her advantage to compete against children older than her. So when given the choice, we registerd her for the 12-18 year old easter egg hunt division. Clara enjoyed seeing the eggs and the staff that was responsible for the hunt did a good job in making sure Clara was able to get some eggs, before the college freshman came in to take them all. Only after the easter egg hunt did Clara realize that there was candy associated with each egg. She will be kicking herself for that one for weeks to come. It was her only shot at getting refined sugar this year.

After the Gym we went to the Greensboro Farmers Market. We had a hearty breakfast to give us energy back that we lost from the Easter Egg hunt. While we were looking for plants for our garden, Greg saw some beautiful flowers and decided to surprise Nicolle with flowers. OK, Nicolle did drop some serious hints before he bought them
Nicolle "Those flowers are the most beautiful flowers I have ever seen"

Greg "Speaking of flowers, I was at a yard sale today and this guy wanted $.15 for a half used stick of chalk. I told him I could not go higher than $.12."

Nicolle "Those flowers would look great in our kitchen."

Greg "You know what would look great in our kitchen is one of the hats that you can drink soda from two sides"

Nicolle "I am buying those flowers"

Greg "Then it is coming out of your fun money"

When we got home, we painted eggs, and Clara went for the Neo-Impressionist style and summoned her inner Seurat . Here are Clara's eggs and one of Nicolle's as well. Nicolle's style is the lesser known Out of Focus Camera Style.

On Sunday, Clara got to wear her Easter outfit and we got to go to church as a family for once. After church we were able to look at some of the flowers in our yard.

Also, after watching Mary Poppins, Clara has been wanting to 'Go Fly a Kite." We got one and figured that the wind generated from a passing vehicle would help fly a kite (Trucks are the best). Here is what Clara was able to do. She is a Natural.

PS. For those of you wondering, Nicolle won the NCAA Brackets, and Clara got 4th out of 16 people. That is right, a 2 year old was able to predict that MSU and Carolina were going to play in the finals. Makes Greg's pick of Wake Forest winning it all look kind of silly.