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Jun 27, 2010

Who Ya Gonna Call?

The Story of our New Vacuum:
We have lots of hardwoods and lots of tight corners, so an upright doesn't work well and pulling around a canister vacuum is a pain. After using a $10 yard-sale-find for 8 1/2 years, we finally splurged on a new vacuum. I went for the industrial backpack vacuum.

I think I'm in love.
Plus, I have my Ghostbusters costume all set for Halloween.

More big news:
I got this measuring spoon-magnet-hangy-thing for Mother's Day. No more searching the drawers for the measurement I need. I am a new woman.

Ahh... the simple joys of a housewife.

Belated Soccer Wrap-Up

I knew it... I knew joining Facebook would interfere with my blogging. I am way behind. Here is a summary of Clara's soccer season (which ended over a month ago).

Clara Sherwood, #0

Season highlights:
  • Clara seeing me eating a banana on the sidelines... then running off the field and refusing the go back until I gave her a bite.
  • Clara falling down every time she saw someone else fall down, then waiting for the coach to come and pick her up. (He did this during the first game, so she thought it was part of the sport, I think)
  • Clara got to play goalie a couple of times. One time she got bored and ran to the playground adjacent to the field... good thing her team was stacked and they didn't get scored on even with an open net.
  • Clara spent more time picking flowers and dancing than playing soccer
  • Clara never got the hang of the "handshake in a line" routine after games. Check out the video... she was so confused. :)
Clara's favorite things about soccer:
  • Snacks and drinks after practices
  • Snacks and drinks after games
  • The practice when her Daddy subbed for the coach and they got to play "pirate."
  • Playing with boys (the rest of her teamates were boys, and most of her little friends are girls, so she liked making new friends).