Our Savior's love, shines like the sun with perfect light. As from above, it breaks through clouds of strife.

Sep 27, 2009

Sarah-Jane's Special Day

Today Sarah-Jane received a name and a blessing at our church service. This is a blessing from our Heavenly Father (through her father, who holds the Priesthood) for the start of her life on earth.

We love her and we know our Heavenly Father loves her, too. We are so thrilled to have her in our family.

What a sweet thing she is! (8 weeks old).

Sep 17, 2009

Clara Monet

Clara has been discovering her drawing skills, lately. I wanted to preserve and share some of her masterpieces...

"Mommy this is peoples"

Last night after her bath, she found her Daddy's notebook and a pen and wrote her name, with no help or prompting from me. I was very impressed... (I love the upside-down A's).
"Mommy, this is a monster. I be scary."

Also, here she is on the first day of preschool.She is enjoying it. I miss her old one, but she seems completely happy with the new school and her new teacher, "Miss Cwumbie" (Mrs. Columbi.) Last Saturday, we went to the fair with some friends. Greg and Clara rode on all of the kiddie rides... I am not sure who had more fun, -Greg or Clara-...what do you think?

Here she is with her best little girlfriend, Shaelyn. They had a blast!


Clara LOVES Sarah-Jane, but she doesn't understand how to be gentle. She constantly wants to love on her and play with her, and I am going crazy trying to keep Sarah-Jane safe. How do I teach Clara how to be gentle with the baby?... It doesn't feel right to punish her, when she isn't being rough on purpose- she just has no idea how strong she is. It also doesn't feel right to not let her near the baby. Any ideas/advice? Thanks!

Sep 6, 2009

The Best Things About a Newborn

Top 10 things we love about newborns...

10 - Cute White Onesies

9 - Little Hands, Big Grips

8 - Newborn Rooting Kisses

7 - Milk Mustaches

6 - Chicken Legs

5 - The Newborn Smell: Sniff your Monitor, if you don't smell anything, keep trying.

4 - Snuggling

3 - Sisters
(First time to church-8/30/09)

2 - Sleeping 20 Hours a day
(This is during one of the 4 awake hours)- Just kidding, she is actually a very calm baby

1- Soft Hair

(Clara likes to draw pictures for Sarah-Jane and deliver them to her lap... "hew Sher-Jame, I made dis fow you"... very sweet).