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Jul 27, 2008

Slowly figuring out how to be a Mom to a toddler...

A lot of things about raising a toddler probably seem like common sense to those of you with more experience than me, but some things are taking me a little while to figure out. This stage is lots of fun, but very different from taking care of a baby.

18 months old... a full- fledged toddler. (She was 25 1/2 lbs (( 65%)) and 33 inches tall ((80%)) at her 18 month check-up). After her recent growth spurt, all of her shirts are officially too short.

For instance...

A couple of weeks ago, Clara asked for juice after her nap. I gave some to her and while I was preparing the rest of her snack, she downed the whole cup and asked for more. She ended up only drinking the juice and not eating anything. A couple of hours later, she was sooooo grumpy! I rarely give Clara refined sugar, and even juice is something she only gets once in a while, since it has so much natural sugar. I do this for health reasons... I have my own blood sugar issues that I don't want to pass on to her, and also I don't want her to develop a taste for only sugary foods. What I didn't think about is how much sugar (or the fast rise and drop of her blood sugar) would affect her moods. Duh! Of course it makes sense now, but it took me a while to figure it out.

the guilty juice lover with her best girlfriend... (not on the moody day mentioned above)

What I haven't figured out is how in the world to keep my kitchen floor clean. Clara spills all sorts of things of gooey things off of her high chair 5 times a day. Help... do any of you know how to combat this?... besides mopping the floor everyday, of course? And please don't say to get a dog... Clara is perfectly fine playing with dog statues, thank you!

Jul 23, 2008

Water Park

Clara and I had a great time at the water park with her Uncle Sean, Aunt Suzanne, and cousisns Rex, Evan, Anna, Chloe, and Luke. Clara learned how to say Anna (while Anna was playing with her all over the baby section of the water park) and has been asking for her ever since.

Anna, Chloe, and Clara

Jul 13, 2008

Trip to the West Coast

Last week we took Clara on a trip across the US and back again. It was great to see family from both Nicolle and Greg's side. Clara did great on the airplane (a word which she now can say).

We first went to Vancouver to visit Nicolle's brother Luke, his wife Siliva, and Nicolle's Grandfather.
While in Vancouver we visited Stanley Park and Clara found two potential careers for herself.
A Fire(wo)man

or a Farmer

Nicolle is hoping that she chooses a fireman because Nicolle would not last an hour on a farm with all the chickens, roosters and rats.

We also went to a fish hatchery that had some beautiful scenery.

We met up with Nicolle's grandfather, and Clara was excited to see him and his butterscotch candies.

Clara also was excited to see Luke and Silvia's dog Spike.

After Vancouver we went down to Pacific Beach on the WA state coast. It was fun to see all of Greg's family (All 50 or so). Between the beach and the slide next to our house, Clara had a blast.

Remind you of anyone? Heil Clara

It was all fun and games until the tide came and Greg left his neice Tacy stuck in the sand

Just a little muddy and windy

Just watch this video 1000 times and you have just relived our vacation minus the flying and driving.

This was where we stayed at Pacific Beach. Greg's brother is in the navy and got us a great deal on this military housing. Doesn't this look like the other's compound from Lost???

Is that Indiana Jones or Greg with some Kelp?

Clara got to know her cousins better and it was really great to see them interact.

It was a fun trip and great to see everyone... hope to do it again, soon.

Jul 2, 2008

Amazing Race Results

Check out the story of Greg's amazing race.