Our Savior's love, shines like the sun with perfect light. As from above, it breaks through clouds of strife.

Mar 31, 2014

Miss Independent

From the moment SJ could move, she has wanted to be independent.  Doing her own thing in her own way and not needing Mama's help.  Then I got called to be the sunbeam teacher of her class last year, and another little girl in her class needed lots of attention.  It must have touched on a jealous nerve in her somewhere, because for two hours every Sunday she wanted to stay close to me... Sitting on my lap and giving me impromptu hugs and kisses throughout class time.  I soaked up every last bit.  


This was our last week attending church right next to the Temple, so we decided to have a picnic lunch there.  This is what we did one year ago when we first moved here, as well.  Closing on our new home in 1 week!  Wish us luck!

Mar 28, 2014

The many outfits of SJ

This girl has strong opinions and likes to dress herself.  Here are some samples, so we won't forget...

She calls this her mini mouse hair. (The bandaid is from an accident in our crowded primary room involving some squirmy sunbeams and a metal chair.  There was lots of blood involved, but she is ok)

There are lots of SJ self portraits on my phone...

She outdid herself on this day.  Tinker bell dress, polka dot sweater, polka dot pants, purse, rain boots and an Asian hat.

Princess dress and crown amidst winter clothes and rock collections... She fell asleep on the walk to pick up C from school.

She even likes to dress baby S and I, sometimes...

Picking out shoes is the hardest part...

Mar 26, 2014


C wanted to participate in her school's science fair.  The topic she chose was "how fairies fly."  I let Greg take the reins on that one.  They did a great job.

4 year old Fear factor champion

Greg helped organize an Asain potluck dinner at church.  The main game/entertainment of the evening was a version of Fear Factor.  SJ really wanted to participate as her dad's teammate.  Here is a list of the rounds.  As you can see, they increase in difficulty.  
1. Dried mango
2. Seaweed
3. Clams
4. Chicken feet
5. Chicken hearts
6. Chicken liver 
7. Pig's feet

Guess who made it to the very end .  Yep, our SJ!  Life is never dull with her around. (she had her face painted with dolphins).

Mar 11, 2014


Last week c told me she doesn't like music class at school.  
Me:  what, why not?!?
C:   My teacher doesn't sing very well.  His voice is kind of off pitch and screechy.

At the Disney store a couple of weeks ago, SJ wanted a dress that cost $60.  I said no way are we spending that much money here.  She then said, "why don't we just ask if they'll take $2 for it."

I'm afraid we might be creating little monsters.