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Mar 11, 2014


Last week c told me she doesn't like music class at school.  
Me:  what, why not?!?
C:   My teacher doesn't sing very well.  His voice is kind of off pitch and screechy.

At the Disney store a couple of weeks ago, SJ wanted a dress that cost $60.  I said no way are we spending that much money here.  She then said, "why don't we just ask if they'll take $2 for it."

I'm afraid we might be creating little monsters.


Natalie said...

Hilarious! Sounds like SJ has inherited Greg's negociating skills.

My Everythings said...

Haha!!! The two of you are definitely rubbing off on them. :)

diannealexan@gmail.com said...

$2??? I think she's been listening to her Dad. What good lessons she's getting.

diannealexan@gmail.com said...

I left a comment last week. Wasn't it approved? It was something like "SJ must be listening to her Dad. What good bargaining skills she is picking up!"