Our Savior's love, shines like the sun with perfect light. As from above, it breaks through clouds of strife.

Jun 30, 2012

Kids were here

(copying this post title from a couple of friends)

C and SJ needed 7 plates/bowls to set up for their "party."  If you look closely you can see why... there were 7 guests:  ponies, princesses, Big Bird- they aren't picky

 The girls love to draw in my calendar.  Apparently C is planning a trip to the zoo on Aug. 7th.

SJ couldn't figure out how I knew she got into my makeup until I told her to look in the mirror.  She got a kick out of her reflection and said "I wook wike a siwwy baaand" (I look like a silly band).
(Also, I love that she calls polka dots "polkanots" and pony tails "veggie tales).

C excitedly asked me to come into the playroom, bc she had drawn a picture for me on the chalkboard.  After a difficult afternoon, it brought a tear to my eye!  She is such a sweet girl.

A Day at the Lake

Greg's friend from work invited us out for a day at the lake. 

(love this beautiful girl)

 Greg re-lived his glorious bachelor days on the wake board

the girls went tubing and jumped off the dock 8,000 times

(Funny SJ story:  she fell on the dock and busted her lip.  All of the adults rushed to stop the bleeding and get ice and comfort her, but she pushed us all away to get to the place she was going before she fell and jump off that dock!)

and Nicolle and her big belly floated around in the water all afternoon.

An all-around great day

and now commences: 
Greg listing the 100 reasons why we should get a boat
Nicolle listing the 100 reasons why we should not

Jun 14, 2012

Sisters Weekend

May, 2012- Gatlinburg, TN
No boys allowed.  Well, except for husbands and sons.

my sisters

little cousins

hikes in the smokey mountains

minute to win it

(me schooling Greg in the pencil catch game)

Greg:  Zorbing
What is zorbing you ask?  Rolling down a giant hill in an enormous ball (yes, like a hamster).
 hot tubbing

C LOVED the tram and alpine slide

And both of our girls loved their turns holding their baby cousin

Lots of fun times... the most fun was spending time with my sisters, who I don't see often enough!