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Jul 13, 2008

Trip to the West Coast

Last week we took Clara on a trip across the US and back again. It was great to see family from both Nicolle and Greg's side. Clara did great on the airplane (a word which she now can say).

We first went to Vancouver to visit Nicolle's brother Luke, his wife Siliva, and Nicolle's Grandfather.
While in Vancouver we visited Stanley Park and Clara found two potential careers for herself.
A Fire(wo)man

or a Farmer

Nicolle is hoping that she chooses a fireman because Nicolle would not last an hour on a farm with all the chickens, roosters and rats.

We also went to a fish hatchery that had some beautiful scenery.

We met up with Nicolle's grandfather, and Clara was excited to see him and his butterscotch candies.

Clara also was excited to see Luke and Silvia's dog Spike.

After Vancouver we went down to Pacific Beach on the WA state coast. It was fun to see all of Greg's family (All 50 or so). Between the beach and the slide next to our house, Clara had a blast.

Remind you of anyone? Heil Clara

It was all fun and games until the tide came and Greg left his neice Tacy stuck in the sand

Just a little muddy and windy

Just watch this video 1000 times and you have just relived our vacation minus the flying and driving.

This was where we stayed at Pacific Beach. Greg's brother is in the navy and got us a great deal on this military housing. Doesn't this look like the other's compound from Lost???

Is that Indiana Jones or Greg with some Kelp?

Clara got to know her cousins better and it was really great to see them interact.

It was a fun trip and great to see everyone... hope to do it again, soon.


Natalie said...

YAY! It looks like you guys had so much fun. What a great trip. I bet it was a nice break from the heat too. Clara was so cute going down the slide backwards.

carrie said...

i love family vacations! good times. Ü and i am impressed clara went down the slide by herself!

Anonymous said...

The "windy and muddy" picture of Greg and Clara is so good. You need to get that one framed for the wall. I love the slide video. I can't believe how big she is getting.


Anonymous said...

It was great seeing you guys! Clara is a cutie pie!!


Chris and Karen said...

whatever happened to Greg's whip? did it make the trip home? Love the video

andrea said...

What a fun, fun trip, you guys. I'm with Trinity--love that pic of Greg and Clara. It looks like Clara completely grew up since last time we saw her.