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Nov 2, 2008

Clara's funny book

It is funny to see how she categorizes things. She calls every sport "soccie-ball."
  • She sees my tennis racket and says, "soccie-ball."
  • She sees Greg wearing a race t-shirt with a picture of someone running on it and says, "soccie-ball."
  • We drive by a golf course and, again, "soccie-ball."
  • Whenever Clara wants me to pick her up, she reaches out her arms and says, "Hold you." It is irrestistable.
  • Clara had a diaper rash, and when we would change her diaper she would say "hurt." Then we would say, "Oh, I'm sorry." Her rash is gone, but now each time we change her diaper she says, "Hurt... Ohhhh I soooowwy-" with a very sympathetic look on her face.
  • We went for a walk and halfway through, she sat down on the curb. Clara then insisted that we sit down with her. After sitting with us for a moment, she turns to each of us and says, "bye bye Mommy. Bye Bye Daddy." After saying that, she stands up and runs away as fast as she could, laughing the whole time. She must have gotten Greg's gene for playing jokes.
Speaking of playing jokes...
  • After having whipped cream on her pancakes, Clara had most of the whipped cream on her face. Greg needed to leave to get to class, so he said his goodbye's, then Clara stood up in her high chair, with a mischieveous grin on her face, and requested Greg to give her a goodbye kiss. She has not done this before or since, but she knew that she would be able to "Share" her dinner with Greg that night.
  • Clara likes to pretend with her doll's, It started with her rocking the dolls, but it has progressed to having the doll's go potty, giving high five's to the dolls and having the doll's color next to her.
  • Clara read the book, "The Stupids (or Silly's as Greg's Mom would say) and in it, the boy eats with his toes. Soon after that, Clara started trying to eat her toes.

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