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Nov 22, 2008

Twilight, I don't get you

Before I begin, I have to admit that I have not read or seen any of the Twilight Books or Movie.
Having said that, I don't understand how a book can command such a following from so many groups. I am not being critical of anyone that likes this series. All I am doing is making an observation from the marketing that I have seen for the movie and conversations I have heard from my friends.
Here are the observations that I have made

  1. The Marketing seems to be focused on the same group of people that like shows like Smallville, Dawsons Creek and other Teenage dramas

  2. When I am in an Airport, I see the books prominently displayed, indicating that there is a strong demand from the business traveler for this book

  3. HBO has seen there is a strong demand for the Teenage Vampire Drama's and has started a series True Blood. Wikipedia says that it will be the third most viewed HBO series behind Sex in the City and The Sopranos.

Someone please tell my why there is such a huge craze about this Series. A friend of mine wrote about it on his blog and now gets a few thousand(maybe less) visitors to his blog every day.

Is this another Harry Potter trend where the book appeals to a wide range of readers?

Do the people who enjoy it, enjoy their high school years?

Maybe that is it, I had more than enough Swirlie's, wedgies and pink bellies to never warrant another trip back to those dreaded years. (Napoleon Dynamite rang a little too true, except for Pedro winning the Election, and Napoleon getting Deb)

Anyway, you get to play the Salesman. Make you case why Twilight is all that, or why Twilight is Saved by the Bell with vampires (that would have been a better progression than the college years)

Imagine Screech as a Vampire, that would make his love of Lisa all the more exciting

Convince me.


Chris and Karen said...

I would have to agree with you greg. I have resisted the impulse to read these books. Why well now mostly just to say I have not read them.

andrea said...

Even though the characters are teenagers, the books don't focus much on being at school. They're more about relationships. They focus a lot on falling in love, questioning that love, getting your heart broken, friendship turning into love, etc. They are universal themes that most people have either experienced or look forward to.

Natalie said...

Yeah I don't get it either. But I haven't read the books so I guess I can't talk.

Carrie said...

I really enjoyed the series, but I enjoyed her adult novel "The Host" even more. I think you should read the books and then see what you think. I have to say, though, I think this is a series that appeals more the the girls. : ) Happy reading!

Leah and Mike said...

I can't agree with Andrea more, I read the first book this past week, holding out not wanting to "join the craze", but was lent the book by a friend and hopped on the band wagon anyway. I couldn't put it down. I felt like she was writing my high school story, although I would not chose to dwell on my younger years, reliving new love is exciting and passionate. I don't think it appeals to men. It's definitely written for a younger audience, but it was a nice escape from what I usually read. Have Nicolle read the first book, and then ask if it holds any merit. I couldn't wait for Mike to get home to act out "Bella and the Vampire." Wink, Wink!