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Apr 22, 2009

Clara's Favorites

Clara posed for a photo for first time. Our friend held up the camera and she put her arms around both of us and pulled us in. We loved it.
Favorite phrases:
"My do it"
"I do it my- by- self" (Clara is a very independent, strong-willed girl)
"Daddy go work(/church/class) go wide Daddy's twuck" (Daddy is going one of those places in his truck).
"My go pway dess-up (My go play dress-up). Mommy pay dess-up, too"?!?

Cutest phrases:
A'm habin a tea pody (I'm having a tea party- she uses the whole range of her voice, from low to high during this sentence.)
I cweam up (I clean up... not usually as productive as it sounds)
No tank you! (No thank you... usually in a desperatly sad voice)
Favorite songs to sing:
Tomorrow and Maybe from Annie
Cuckoo, Cherry Tree and Sitting Here Together from Kindermusik
I am a Child of God and I Love to See the Temple
Favorite activities:
Dress up (all day, every day)
Favorite Places to go:
The zoo (almost every morning she smiles at my coyly and asks... "Go fun zoo day?!?")
"Go gym" (Mommy works out while she has a blast on the moon bounce)
"Go school day"
"Daddy munch" (meet Daddy for lunch)
McAllister's Deli- our usual spot

She sits at the table with us, now, but she usually ends up on one of our laps (easier to reach the table and easier to steal the food off of our plates, I suppose).
We're working on potty training... this is what it looks like at our house.
She is (maybe) finally getting the idea about the new baby on the way. The other day she shoved a baby doll under my shirt. "Mommy hab a baby in da tummy."


Kari said...

THe first picture is way cute! I am so glad that you guys are having so much fun with Clara! It only gets better

Chris and Karen said...

way cute, wait until she starts trying to "feed" the baby. that is always fun to see.

Natalie said...

I love the picture with her little bum hanging out. Too cute! Hope potty training is going well. You guys need to come over and visit asap!

Sawyers Family said...

Found your blog from Shelley's! It looks like you guys have been busy! We need to get the kids together and play!