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Jan 19, 2007

More delivery photos

We are to grateful to have had an awesome team to help with labor and delivery. It made our special day even more wonderful.

Suzanne Gardner (Nicolle's sister), an experienced Mom, was especially helpful cheering Nicolle through the final stages of labor.

Mary Topp, friend and wonderful labor and delivery nurse, came in on her day off to be our very own nurse.

Vicki Latham, our very favorite midwife, worked hard to help us avoid the need for birth by C-section.

Dad was a trooper the whole way through.

Our first reactions on seeing Clara: (Our feelings are indescribable) Nicolle cried (hard!) and Greg laughed continuosly for the first hour after the birth.

And, of course, the star of the day... Clara! This photo was taken just after her bath. She really enjoyed getting her hair washed... she already enjoys the type of pampering you get in a salon... uh oh!

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