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Nov 7, 2006

Lost Luggage and Meatballs

The drama of the lost luggage continues. The airlines said that they have found the luggage. Well good for them, now they only need to give it to me. I hope to have it by the end of Tuesday.

The stores in Sweden all close at 7pm, so when I got back to my hotel at 6:45pm, I had to run to the mall and purchase a shirt and a sweater so I would not wear the same shirt 3 days in a row. After my run to the mall, I convinced a couple of my coworkers to join me at a restaurant called Smaka. You have to be careful how you say the word Smaka. It is pronounced Smooka, not Smacka. The first means “Taste”, the second means “To Hit or Smack” It is my favorite resurant in Gothenburg, because of the great Swedish Meatballs and Mashed potatoes. One coworker got the meatballs and one didn’t. Needless to say one enjoyed the meal more than the other. They were great.

My phone has run out of Batteries so I had to borrow a phone from Bev, my coworker who spent the night in the airport because she lost her passport. That was nice of her, I could talk to Nicolle without having to worry that the phone was going to die.

For those of you who wanted me to pick up a nativity, here is what one that I found looks like. It is about $10. I will keep looking for more options.


Greg & Nicolle Sherwood said...

Yum, the meatballs sound good. (I can't believe I'm hungry again already!) I'm excited to see the photo of the nativity set... should we get one for our house?
Miss you lots! Love,

andrea said...

Hey, Greg. Can you add us to the list of people who want a Nativity? I like that one in the picture. It looks a lot less fragile than our current one. Ya know, something I could actually let the kids touch. That might be nice. Thanks!

Anonymous said...


I love the nativity.

Thanks for looking.