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Oct 29, 2007

Almost Halloween

We had a fun and busy weekend. On Friday night we carved pumpkins with Steve and Trinity. Trinity gets credit for the expert carving on the white "pumpkin." The rest of us are amateurs.

We went the the REI "garage sale" (they sell overstocked or returned items) on Saturday morning and got this great backpack for when Clara grows out of her Baby Bjorn. It is a bit too big for her now, but will be great in a few short months.
Here is a sneak preview of Clara's Halloween costume... she makes a pretty cute bunny, if I do say so myself. This is a quick photo taken at our church Fall Festival, which I was in charge of and which was CRAZY (does anyone know how to get chili stains out of cream-colored tablecloths???), so there was no time for careful photo shoots. We'll do some better photos later on this week.
Candy companies sure know how to market to children. Clara has never had candy and doesn't even know what it is, but she wants it because it has bright, pretty packaging. Here she is reaching with all her might.
Does she look guilty, or what?
Hope you all have a fun Halloween!


rob, jax & max: the harmon squad said...

Clara cracks me up every time I see her she is so cute and funny. I loved how she was knawing on her carrot all night!

nathalie said...

She is the cutest bunny I've ever seen! That is so funny with the carrot.

Suz said...

All right, that is so weird. I swear there is a picture of you, Nicolle in that exact same pose, looking at the camera, in our hallway in our house in Calgary when you were Clara's age. Creepy! You'll have to ask mom about it. She looks just like baby you there!

Natalie said...

Man this baby costume contest is on! I don't know who will take the crown. It will be a tough decision. Clara looks pretty darn cute in her outfit.

Your pumpkins look great too! Man you guys carved a bunch. We only did one and it took like 45 minutes! See you tonight!

Carrie said...

Clara looks serious about getting to that candy. : ) So cute!

andrea said...

You did an awesome job on the Fall Festival, Nicolle. Sorry to hear it was still CRAZY behind the scenes, but as a participant, it was a lot of fun. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Clara looks great standing up.

Lindsay one year would scream each time as we handed out the candy because she realized that it was leaving her control.

Hope you have tons of fun tonight with Halloween.


Leslie and Dave said...

Clara looks o precious. It's fun to stay up to date with what you guys are doing.

Leah & Mike said...

Clara looks so cute. My friend had a great idea this Halloween with the candy stuff, she had her boys age 2 and 3 leave their candy outside their door and the great pumpkin comes in the middle of the night and trades their candy for toys. We had to get rid of our candy right after Halloween, because Hendrix was begging for it every day. The candy companies are definitely going after the kids.