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Nov 25, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

We had a great Thanksgiving. We hosted it at our home and were joined by some of Nicolle's family.

The turkey turned out great, thanks to watching the food network for a week straight.
Here we are enjoying the food.
Starting on the left...Brother-in-law Chris, nehews Rex and Evan, Dad & Mom, Clara, Nicolle & Greg (with a nice mouthful of turkey!), niece Anna, brother Sean. (My sister, Nathalie, is taking the photo with the help of baby Colton).
Evan won the family ping pong tournament. Clara was the most enthusiastic spectator.



Chris and Karen said...

that is some really cute footage(sp). do you have a video recorder? or is it from a digital camera

Greg & Nicolle Sherwood said...

Hey Karen,
We just got a new digital video camera, called a flip video. It is really small, can record up to 30 min, and plugs right into our computer with a USB... we are really pleased with it.

andrea said...

Clara's laugh is completely contagious. Too cute. Glad you guys had a good Thanksgiving. And thanks again for the turkey brining recipe. It was a hit once again.

Natalie said...

The food and presentation of the food looks great! Clara's laugh is so cute. Was she laughing at how bad Greg is at Ping Pong by any chance? Just kidding :). Glad you guys had a great Thanksgiving.

Mike said...

These good wishes come from the land of the southwest, where the Britts want to wish you a Happy Holidays! Thanksgiving was great -well, not for ASU though :(, but all the family time, events, food, etc were great! Much tryptophan was comsumed and some football and basketball watched & played. I'm glad yours was just as fun.

Shelley said...

Happy to see the new video camera is already being put to use. I've still never seen your basement. Next time I come over I'm demanding a tour!

nathalie said...

Yeah, we had to buy some wipes on the way home, but it was no big deal. Thanks for being such a great hostess! We had a great time.

Seth and Carrie said...

Happy Thanksgiving you guys!