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Dec 16, 2007

Christmastime in Sweet North Caroline

Nicolle found really cute outfits for Clara and her cousin, Colton. They make a great Mr. & Mrs. Claus.

Here are Clara and Colton fighting over who gets to open a present.

We have tried to decorate our house on a budget, and we have found we can buy three times as many things if we just wait until after Christmas and buy all the lights, wreaths, floodlights etc ...
Next year we hope to have our house looking like the Griswold's house and win the Clark Griswold Award
While we did get a few fearfull looks from the neighbors while Greg was up on the ladder, it was a fairly uneventfull house decorating year.

P.S. And speaking of Christmas, haven't you found it strange that Niel Diamond(who is Jewish) sings Christmas Carols? (That's for you, Jefe)


andrea said...

Looks like Clara won the fight for the present. Way to go, firl.

And your house looks beautiful. I love it! I'm on your house-decorating plan this year. We have such a measly selection of lights, but I'm just dealing with it this year and hoping to buy some stuff on clearance.

Natalie said...

Those outfits are too cute! And if Greg likes heights and getting up on a ladder, he is welcome to come to our house and clean the gutters!

rob, jax & max: the harmon squad said...

It does not surprise me at all that Clara got the present. She just knows what she wants and makes sure she gets it (luckily, Max forgives her for it).

Carrie said...

The house looks great, and the kids look too cute in their outfits. Merry Christmas!!

Leslie and Dave said...

Your daughter is adorable. I'm sure the holidays are fun with a little one around. Merry Christmas!