Our Savior's love, shines like the sun with perfect light. As from above, it breaks through clouds of strife.

Jan 28, 2008

the passing of President Hinckley

Our beloved Prophet passed away last night. I love this man and will truly miss him, so I am very sad. Sad for me... but not for him, because I know that he is now reunited with his wife and being welcomed home by our Heavenly Father.
P.S. My friend, Shelley, is much better with words than I. I ditto her comments.


Shelley said...

Thanks for the props and the link, Nicolle. Hopefully another good thing will come of his passing - more dialogue about the Church!

Leah & Mike said...

We'll be DVR-ing it b/c we've planned a sitter to watch the kids to go to the temple when it airs (11am AZ time), but we'll be watching the funeral tomorrow. Hope you guys can see it too.