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May 3, 2009

1/2 Marathon Trail Run

Greg ran a 1/2 marathon lat Saturday- it was at our very favorite park- Bur Mill Park. Clara and I (Nicolle) rode my bike around on the bike paths to meet up with Greg and cheer him on as he ran on the hiking trails. We all had a great time-
  • Greg loved the race
  • Clara loved watching the runners (she thought it was hilarious that they would dump water on their heads and then drop the cup and run away... without getting in trouble! -A TWO YEAR OLD'S DREAM COME TRUE!)
  • Nicolle loved taking in the beauty of the trails around the lake and dreaming of living in a house right by the trail... someday.
  • Greg finished in less than 2 hours and 30 minutes(by 40 seconds)
Clara painted this sign all by herself... the "Go Daddy Go" was a little covered in paint by the time she was finished.
Greg did a fantastic job on a very tough course. Way to go!!!
(Here he is right after the race- Alive, but barely).


Kari said...

Way to go Greg!! That it great and how fun that Nicolle and Clara got to ride their bikes and cheer you on!

Love the Finger Lakes shirt!!

Chris and Karen said...

Great job, did you beat Tara's or Sione's times? and hey your suppose to drink the coke before you run, to help with recovery, not after. If you wanna come to VEgas OCt 9th and 10th we'd love to have you on our Ragnar team!

Kindy said...

Yeah Greg!!!!!!!! I love the Finger Lakes shirt! Forever live Finger Lakes! Someday I will take you on...maybe not.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Greg! You still look in pretty good shape after your run. Before you know it your athletic daughter will be joining you. Dianne/Gigi

shelley said...

a two year old's dream come true! i think we should let the girls run a pretend marathon this summer with cups of water to dump on their heads. sounds like fun!

andrea said...

I'm impressed, Greg!

And I'm impressed with you riding around with Clara, too, Nicolle.

Natalie said...

Wow Greg that is impressive! Sounds like fun. Next time drag David out there too!

GVW said...

Awesome Greg...I've tried to get back into the spirit of running and it's weak.

GVW said...

Awesome Greg...I've tried to get back into the spirit of running and it's weak.