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Jul 6, 2009

The Beach

Clara used to have a rote prayer that went like this...
"Heavenly Father,
Dank you day
Dank you food
Dank you bodies
Dank you Jesus
Ever since we went to the beach she has been adding a lot more things that she is grateful for...
"Dank you we could go to da beach"
" Dank you we could go walk at da beach"

Greg, Clara and Nicolle (34 weeks pregnant with Sarah-Jane)

"Dank you we could get mawied (buried)"
"Dank you we could take a baf" (we would scoop out a little pool for her in the surf... this was her "bath")

"Dank you we could watch Tarzan"
"Dank you Anna, Wex(Rex), Eban (Evan), Cwoie(Chloe), Yuke (Luke)- her cousins,
am (and) Gigi am Poppie (her grandparents)."
And ever since we got home, she has prayed "pwease help get to go back to da beach house."
We can't aruge with that prayer!


Karen said...

Annmarie has been telling everyone I am pregnant with a girl named Sarah. So glad to know she really means you and not me. Love her pray!! I also cannot get over how curly her hair is. So cute. It sounds way fun!!!

Kari said...

That is so cute! Hope that the last 6 weeks are the quickest ones! Love her curly hair too

Natalie said...

Such a cutie. Looks like you had a blast. I love that one picture of her hair all curly sitting on her cousins lap.