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Feb 1, 2010

Snow in NC

Greg (from Rochester, NY) and I (from Nashville, TN) have very different backgrounds when it comes to winter weather. I really learned a lot about snow on our recent trip to NY- like, for instance, what a snow plow is. Really- I saw a snow blower and said, "Wow, that person owns their own snowplow?" It was one of many times Greg had a good laugh at my expense.

Now it is my turn... it snowed 7 inches at our home this week! Here is a sample of what happens when a Yankee marries someone from the South:

Greg: I think I'll go out and shovel the driveway.
Nicolle: What? How?- We don't own a snow shovel.
Greg: I'll just use the garden shovel.
Nicolle: Why do you want to shovel the driveway?
Greg: So it will be easy to get the car out when I go to work.
Nicolle: Are you going to shovel the whole way to work, because they only (maybe)plow the main roads...
Greg: Oh, good point
Nicolle: We don't shovel snow in the South... we just wait a couple of days for it to melt

Here is what we have been up to while we've been trapped at home.

Finally taking down our Christmas Card photos (sad).


BFF's playing together

And, of course, lots of sledding, building snowmen, and playing in the snow

And finally baking a successful batch of cinnamon rolls. (I have been trying for years, but could never get them to come out right). Thanks, Jennie, for the dough recipe, and thanks to Greg's Mom for teaching me the thread trick.


Toni said...

Love the pictures of the girls holding hands. Greg must get lots of laughs at our expense.

Amber said...

Haha. We shoveled our driveway this weekend. Do you think our neighbors think we're wierdos?

andrea said...

That pic of the two girls holding hands is ADORABLE! SJ looks like she's grown since last week.

Kari said...

Love the picture of Sara Jane in the snow outfit! So cute! Can't wait to see you guys in April!

Sawyers Family said...

I love their matching shirts! And your conversation with Greg was classic!

Natalie said...

Your girls are too cute! I love SJ in that snow suit!

shelley said...

i can attest that those cinnamon rolls are excellent. we ate them while watching the season finale of season 5 lost - to get ready for tonight. a perfect combo!

Karen said...

WE do the same thing with our Christmas cards. I always hate taking them down. Your girls look so cute in the matching outfits

Dianne said...

Such adorable little girls! I love them and the photos are great.

Janell said...

I'm totally laughing about the snow removal 'issue' in the south! The whole city shuts down if it snows... schools are cancelled for days, even if roads are clear. :)


You guys are the BEST!