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May 30, 2010


We went strawberry picking this weekend. We barely made it in time for the end of the season, which is ending early, this year, because of all of the wet weather. (I'm not sure who was more disappointed - Clara or myself- when all of our regular picking spots were already closed.)

Luckily we found a farm with some strawberries left.

We made strawberry shortcake, strawberry popsicles, and fruit leather with our stash. Yummy!


Natalie said...

Popsicles sound awesome! I love that picture with Clara in the field.

Kari said...

Love the picture of Clara picking the strawberries! You can see the determination in her eyes! I would love your fruit leather receipe! Thanks a million!

Sawyers Family said...

you are lucky you got some! We went to 3 different farms and all the berries were gone! Glad you got some...we were not so lucky!

April said...

Ugh! I missed strawberry picking again. Glad you guys made it before it was too late. I want to know how you make your strawberry popsicles too. :)