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Jan 15, 2011

Clara's 4th Birthday

A Flower Fairy Party:

the invites
the decorations

the party
1st- dress up like fairies... including wings, wands, a crown of flowers, and pixie dust (glitter)

2nd: Games
fairy paper dolls
a magic show (by Daddy)
fairy dance freeze
musical chairs
catch the butterfly (bouncy ball)

3rd: A Treasure hunt - make your treasures into jewelry

4th: Lunch!
flower PB&J
pretzel wands
fairy punch

Last: The Cake (made by the lovely and talented Anitra Simpson)
Good Night!


shelley said...

dear nicolle,

you are no longer allowed to say that you are not crafty.

the craft queen who is about to be replaced by you

Sawyers Family said...

Look at how creative this is! I love it and you did a FANTASTIC job!
Happy Birthday, Clara!

andrea said...

Looks awesome, Nicolle! I love the flower sandwiches. And Anitra did a great job on the cake. Happy Birthday, Clara!

Natalie said...

So awesome! I love themed parties. The decoartions are awesome.

Toni said...

Caroline had SO MUCH FUN! She has remade her necklace many times and makes us do magic tricks now. She uses her fairy wings all the time. Thanks so much for inviting us and allowing me to get out of the house for the first time!!!

My Everythings said...

How cute! I am sure Clara was in heaven. Watch out Martha Stewart!!!! :)

Dianne said...

Wow! What a party! Seems you thought of everything. Maybe you should go into the child party business. Very beautiful fairies.

L A Lambert said...

Absolutely Adorable! My daughter was a fairy for Christmas (we don't celebrate Halloween). It was a gift from my sister to her for Christmas and she just had to wear it ALL DAY! Love the idea and it looks like your daughter and her friends enjoyed it too!