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Feb 23, 2011

All before 9am

Disclaimer: I promise I DO watch my children.

On Monday morning, Sarah-Jane got into my craft box and spilled paint all over the bathroom.
(Why do I even have a craft box, since I hardly ever do crafts?... good question)

A few minutes later, (while I was taking a VERY quick shower) she pulled out the grease catching-tray on my griddle and spread bacon grease (luckily cooled) all over the 1st floor of our house. I mean all over. Little greasy footprints were everywhere... even in my bed.
(Lesson learned... take my showers at the gym, while she is being watched.)

While I was mopping the floor, stain-treating the carpet, and washing the sheets, her big sister went to the bathroom, didn't flush, and left the door to the bathroom open.. Can you guess what happenend next? Yup, wet toilet paper was pulled out of the pee -filled toilet and strewn about the bathroom.

I looked at the clock. 8:50am. It was the start of a very long day.

Good thing she is so cute and cuddly.


Anonymous said...

LOL! You've got to love those days:) Lexi loves the toilet too!!! it is a very good thing the kiddos are cute and cuddly. I don't know about you but I have to stop myself from laughing when I really think about the crazy stuff they do:)


Natalie said...

SJ you little devil! She gets into so much so fast! I can't say I have that problem with Finley. But he is only the first child. Second children seem to be more mischevious...I should know...I am one!

My Everythings said...

oh my! that bacon grease sounds impossible to clean up. I was wondering the same things about you having a craft box. :)