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Jun 27, 2011

Belated 5

 1.  Big move:  SJ's old room is now our room.  The office is now SJ's room.  Our old bedroom is the new den/playroom.  I love the new arrangement.  Or, I will love it as soon as we get everything organized.  Who knew we had accumulated so much stuff in the 7 years we have been in this house?  #1 is also my excuse for posting this late... my camera was buried underneath this mess (times 3). 

 2.  Father's Day.  Here are photos of the girls making special notes to put inside his new wallet.  (A whitewater center pass was also enclosed).

 These two sure do love their Daddy.  Who can blame them?
 3.  Family movie night...  Eating popcorn and watching the Muppets together is tons of fun.
 4.  Tennis:  Our summer schedule is a little more open, so I have time to play tennis.  I'll be taking a class this summer... went for the first on on Friday and loved it.  Learning to use topspin to hit the ball hard (and in) is very exciting! 

5.  Rehearsals:  Back in rehearsals for an extra summer Bel Canto concert.  We are singing for the American Guild of Organists Convention (sounds like a party crowd, I know!) These "extra" concerts make our family's schedule a little more hectic than I like, so I'll be glad to have this one finished.   


Andrea said...

Can't wait to see you school our opponents with your topspin when I get back!

A Hunter said...

I love rearranging rooms! It seems like a great setup.