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Nov 15, 2011

Riviera Maya, Mexico- 10th anniversary trip

Greg and I celebrated our 10th anniversary in Mexico.  We have been home several days, but I have hesitated to write this post because I have been grieving for my brother.  We got some bad news about his health when we returned home from our trip.  I am posting this in honor of him, and something he said... which was to enjoy every second you have with your loved ones because time and love are by far the most valuable things we have in this life, and both are in short supply. 

This was exactly what this trip was... a celebration of Greg and I's love for each other. 
 . We are so grateful to his parents, who traveled to our home to stay with the girls for 5 days while we were away.

  We got to eat delicious food
swim with dolphins

eat dinners in the moonlight
visit Chichen Itza (Mayan Ruins) 

and did I mention eat? 

  We feel so lucky to have taken such a fun and relaxing trip.  We enjoyed every moment together.


Anonymous said...

Nicolle, I am so sorry to hear about your brother's health. I am glad to hear you guys had fun.
Toni W

Karen said...

Glad you guys had such a wonderful time.

Natalie said...

Happy 10th anniversary. Is alright if we copy you when we hit 10 yrs? Looked like a lot of fun and that picture of you and the dolphin is priceless!

So sorry to hear that your brother isn't well. We will pray for him and his family.

Anonymous said...

Fun!!! All was well while you were gone:). There weren't any crazy kid parties behind the grandparent's backs:)

We are praying for your family.


carrie said...

Nicolle - So sorry your brother isn't doing well. My heart goes out to him, his family, and you.

On the flip side, what wise advice he gives! So glad you guys had a great time! Congrats on 10 years!!