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Jul 2, 2012

Preschool- End of Year

May, 2012
Here is a video of our girls singing in their preschool program.  C is in the back and SJ is in the front (you can't miss her head bopping).  SJ loved to sing for everyone.  This program was towards the end of the school year.  Each day from this until the end of the year, SJ asked every morning.  "I go to school, today?"  If the answer was yes, then she would ask "Oh, I get to do concert?" 

C's preschool graduation.  She has grown up so much this year... we are proud of her and will miss her when she is at Kindergarten next year.  Here she is singing her heart out.

And getting her diploma from her beloved Mrs. D


My Everythings said...

Oh my CUTE! I love those little girlies and that song is great.

Natalie said...

So adorable. Loved seeing them sing. SJ was hilarious!