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Nov 18, 2012

Fun Run

C and SJ have been begging to run in a race "like Daddy."  Here are photos from their first ever race.
Soooo excited!!!

At the starting line (Silvie and I cheered them on).

Watching them come in on the home stretch brought a little tear to my eye.  Are they cute or what?!?
They both did great and ran the whole way ("one WHOLE mile" they'll tell you).  When I asked C what her favorite part was, I was sure she'd say it was the snacks afterwards, or the bracelet she got for finishing, or the race T-shirt, but nope.  She simply said, "the running."  :)
P.S.  Clara got 2 stitches.  Here she is showing off her bandaid.  No accidents, just a suspicious mole that needed to be removed.  She was very brave during the procedure and can't wait to get the stitches out so she can go swimming, again.


carrie said...

I love that they wanted to get out and run, too! What a fun thing for them to do with their dad.

Natalie said...

So fun! Way to go girls!

shelley said...

i love that sj ran in a dress. or skirt or whatever. little kids and running. it might be the cutest thing ever. watch out, you're going to have a running family on your hands. just start saving for all the marathon entry fees now.

have you started sneaking chia seeds in their smoothies yet?! hahahahahaha!