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Mar 20, 2013

Good news

There are birds living in our attic.  Friends, you know I am afraid of birds, so why is this good news?  Because as scared as I am of birds, I am 10 times more terrified of mice.  And I heard scratching and scurrying and squeaking.  And I spent one terrifying night thinking there were mice living in the ceiling right above my bed.  The exterminator came to check it out and announced it was birds.  Phew.  Or, as Clara says, "P-you."  Birdbusters is taking care of the problem.  And I don't have to pay the bill.  Renting has its perks!


Natalie said...

oh my goodness! So glad it is only birds. Though slightly laughing knowing how afraid of birds Nicolle is :).

carrie said...

Ya, I think I'd take birds over mice, too!