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Jul 18, 2013

Lunch help

Here is a list if the things I served for lunch today...
Leftover homemade Mac and cheese
Yogurt with honey and banana
PB&J sandwich
Hummus toast with tomatoes, wait -no tomatoes, wait I changed my mind I do want tomatoes
Pretzels with hummus
Snow peas

This is crazy, right?  I am really strict during breakfast an dinner... The kids have to eat what I make and can't pick and choose from other things in the kitchen.  Since I am so strict the rest of the day, I made a decision a year or so ago to let them have more flexibility and choose what they want for lunch, but this is getting difficult!  By the end of lunch I was worn out and my kitchen was a disaster.  What do your moms of multiple children do for lunches?  Mine are too young to make their own... Or at least to be helpful making their own.  :)


Natalie said...

Can't help you there! But this post made me smile.

Karen said...

i usually give them 2 or 3 options of what I am willing to make for them.

diannealexan@gmail.com said...

How gourmet! Maybe simplify by limiting the number of choices to 3 or so items.

My Everythings said...

that sounds like my lunch and kitchen. they are never wanting to eat all at the same time and all want something different, so by the time one finishes lunch and the next one is eating, the first one is ready for a snack. maybe the girls would like helping you make a lunch menu. that way they would still get to pick, but it would be decided beforehand what they would have and limit the amount of different things you have to make. you are a good mom. You feed your kids so well!