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Dec 20, 2013


I'm realizing I often post about holidays and fun events, but neglect the everyday ordinary things.  Our days are filled with bundling everyone up for the walk to and from school, preschool pickups, violin lessons, and playdates.  Here are a few other ways we spend our time...

SJ loves to play hair salon.  Everyday, she asks to style my hair and for me to put makeup on her. 

Baby s  is in the collecting phase of life... She carries around fistfuls of things she collects around the house all day.  She is reluctant to let go of anything and will shift and stretch and cram in order to keep everything in her  grasp.  Buckets and bags are proving to be very useful tools for her.

After almost a year of stopping at the park everyday after school, c has decided it is more fun to play at the soccer court.  Here is is with her class "pet" that she was allowed to take home for one week.

All 3 like playing in forts.  The forts may or may not drive me crazy, depending on how long they entertain and how many times I am requested to help repair.

Plus a Bonus picture of Baby s's favorite hangout.

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Natalie said...

Miss you guys a bunch! Love catching up on the posts!