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Jan 4, 2015

Top 10 list

Guest post by Greg:

Here are the top 10 Christmas cards we received this year...

#10- this is from our milk man.  By about the middle of December it was one of the only cards we had received, and since we moved 2 times in the last 2 years we thought it might stay that way, so we treasured this card from the guy who comes so early in the morning that we have never seen him. 

#9:  from Greg's Uncle Bob.  He is in the tie business and has given Greg so many ties in his lifetime that he automatically makes any top 10 list we ever create.

#8: Our Arizona friends had lots of Sun Devil references.  
#7:  Our WA friends had a great beach backdrop.
#6:  this is the first card we received.  Well done, Cooks!
#5, because these babies are adorable and we are so happy for the Martins.
#4- our mail lady held this card hostage from Dec. 8th until Dec. 23rd... She knew how valuable it was.
#3- we know Carlos is smiling because he gets to sit in Santa's lap next.
#2- because the glare from the flash combined with Gordon's bald spot is brilliant.
#1:  all of these family members included photos from our favorite beach!


Natalie said...

Oh I feel so honored to make the top 10 list! And so glad it finally got there! I was stressing out about it!

diannealexan@gmail.com said...

Next year, if the word gets out, you'll receive even more entries. You've started something. Sounds like a "Greg" thing.