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Sep 2, 2015

Hood to Coast/Rockaway Beach, OR

We went for a long weekend to Rockaway Beach, Oregon.  It was our first visit to the beautiful Oregon coast.  Greg was there to run in the "Hood to Coast" relay... from Mt. Hood to Seaside with a group of friends.  The wives and kids tagged along and played at the beach (or hid from the giant windstorm) while they ran and ran and ran.  

This is the starting line at Mt. Hood

This was supposed to be the finish line, but the beach had to be shut down due to high winds.  :(  Instead the teams ran across the finish line on a street just off the beach.  

We were so proud of Greg and his 7:30-ish pace for 3 legs of 5-6 miles each.  

Afterwards we ate pizza and played at "Fun Land."  Our kids think it was properly named.  

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