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Sep 2, 2006

Down with Delta

The first leg of our trip consisted of a flight out of Greensboro to Boston, and then to Paris. That was supposed to be how it worked. Instead, the flight to Boston got delayed 2 hours, causing us to miss our connecting flight to Paris. But the good people of Delta assured us that

they could fix the problem and send us through Atlanta and we would arrive at noon on Saturday, "no problem."

Then we arrived in Atlanta to find out that they had put us on standby on the FULL Paris flight. We waited in suspense for about an hour and a half, not knowing if there would be room for us on the flight. Nicolle vowed (for the second time) to never again fly Delta.

Luckily we got on and even got to sit next to each other. Away we go.

1 comment:

andrea said...

I can't believe you had flight dilemmas!!! I HATE that! Hopefully the trip will just get better from here, right?

LOVED the pics! Whitney didn't even recognize Nicolle in the first picture. Then when we told her it was you, she said, "She's screaming!"

And by the way, your new glasses look good!