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Sep 13, 2006


Bonjour! We are now in Lyon, France. Greg is working for a few days, so I (Nicolle) will be writing a post or two while he is busy. (Sorry, you'll have to do without any Ninja Turtle jokes for a little bit ).
Our trip from Italy to Lyon was quite hectic... our first train out of Italy was delayed 45 minutes, which made us miss our connecting train from Nice to Lyon. Because there were no more trains to Lyon that day, and because Greg had to be at work the next morning, we ended up renting a car and driving, instead. Luckily, the route was pretty straightforward, so we didn't get lost. We saw lots of beautiful scenery from the train and car (until it got dark). We stopped at a French truck stop... very different than in the U.S... a fancy buffet with no paper plates (so you couldn't take anything to go), wine along-side the soda fountain, and - sadly for Greg- no beef jerky.
Last night I was invited to join Greg and his colleagues (from Sweden, France, and Brazil) for dinner. It was fun to get to visit with people from so many different places at once.
I have been exploring the city while Greg has been working- Lyon is a very nice city. Although I have run into a couple of people with the stereotypical French attitude..."I speak French only!" most everyone is very helpful and friendly. In fact, at dinner tonight the waiters did not speak English, so they went to the trouble of finding a chef at a restaurant down the street who came to translate the menu for me! I was very glad he did, because there were a few scary-sounding sausages containing tripe that I was glad to be able to avoid.
The food here is delicious- the croissants melt in your mouth and everything is very fresh. What I like most about the food, though, is that it is always served with such beauty and style. The china, food, and restaurant decor all compliment each other, creating a great atmosphere.

My belly is getting bigger every day! The baby is starting to kick harder... today I was holding a book on my lap and reading and she kicked so hard that she shook the book! Being pregnant is fun and I feel so fortunate to be able to have the experience.


andrea said...

I've never heard you use a Ninja Turtle joke, but you DO have some great Napoleon references, so feel free to throw them in. :) Gosh!

We missed you at roadshow practice tonight. We really could've used your help. It was quite a fiasco.

Trinity Martin said...

I know your trip is quickly coming to an end and you and Greg are probably sad, but I am really looking forward to seeing you two and hearing all the great stories in person. Have a safe last couple of days.

Koni said...

Enjoy those wonderful pastries and bread!!! I am envious!