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May 10, 2007

Idol Chatter and Lost

Before I give my options on American Idol, I need to add a disclaimer.

Disclaimer: I am biased towards Melinda because she graduated from the same institution for higher learning that Nicolle did, so just as I am rooting for my fellow ASU alumni Barry Bonds to break Hank Aarons home run record, I am rooting for Belmont Bruin alum Melinda Doo a whole lot better than Jordan or Blake.

With that said here are my feelings about the show other miscellaneous observations.

Even with the Disclaimer aside, Melinda is in a different league than the rest of the competition. She is held to a higher standard than the rest of finalists. How can Randy call Jordan’s first song “The best vocal of the night.” Melinda on her worst day is better vocally than any of the other finalist on their best day. Nicolle made the comment that, there is so much detail in her songs that the judges know that she sounds great, but they don’t know how great it really was.

The best comparison I can make is when Nicolle and I were golfing with our friends Carlos and Melly. Melly, got up to the tee on a par 3 and got a hole in one. Carlos and I could not believe it. It was unbelievable. In my 18 years of golfing, I estimate that I have played 1,640 par threes. I have tried 1,640 times to get the ball in the hole in one shot. Add 500 more shots on the driving range. In addition, I have seen about 10,000 attempts for a hole in one. The number of hole’s in one that I gave gotten = 0. The number of hole in one’s that I have seen = 2.
Sorry, that is the analyst in me coming out.

Anyway, Nicolle had been golfing about 5 times before. My reaction was one of shock and awe. Nicolles reaction, that is cool.

Back to American Idol, the judges, based on their comments take me as someone who thinks a hole in one in singing is cool.
Nicolle reaction to Melinda’s hole in one every week is more like shock and awe

The problem is that the judges have taken her for granted. Every week, Melinda goes out on stage and does better than every one of the Special Guests that give a “Master Class” on how to really be awful at singing. Come on, think about it how many of the special guests would have been voted off if their performance was compared to the finalists (one exception is Bono). Did you hear Barry Gibb last night? I love the “singing” that he did, if you call talking in a high pitched voice singing. If that is singing, then sign me up for a record label right now.

Melinda takes every one of her songs and doesn’t just sing them. She becomes a storyteller. Her performances have a introduction, building up, and then when she pulls you in and has your attention, she blows you away with the ending.

Compare that with Jordan who sang the safe and boring “To Love Somebody'' and was giggling through it. Who was she thinking about when she sang that song? Was she even thinking about someone in that song? Jordan did not convince me at all that she had any emotional investment in the song. And then she comes out for the second piece and proved that if she had to sing in a concert, she is good for about one song. After one bit of belting, her voice is so shot that when she tries to sing another safe boring ballad, Paula in her infinite wisdom, encourages Jordan because the song was a hard song. I am no music expert, but I have heard some of the songs that Nicolle has sung, and if “A Woman in Love” (Jordan’s second song) was difficult song, then “Popcorn popping on the Apricot Tree” is the black diamond of songs.

Blake Lewis is a unique singer, who has a Sting type voice. I am interested in what he will end up doing.

But hands down, Melinda is the best.

What are yours thoughts?

Here is one more question for you. Is Locke dead?


Natalie said...


Popcorn Poppping on the Appricot Tree is a hard song to sing. You have to sing and do hand motions at the same time. That being said...

I definately think Melinda is the best and should win, but I probably wouldn't buy her cd or listen to her music. I would, however, buy Blake's cd. His voice is so different and I like the types of music he sings. To me Melinda can be awesome, but sometimes boring. Jordin is good too and I like her personality alot. Everytime she stands beside Ryan I am like, woa, she is huge! Melinda's shy and "Oh what? I am good?" thing is getting old. It is just not as cute anymore.

And what is up with the guest singers? Most of them suck! I just fast forward through their music when they sing.

PS- Loved Nicolle's reaction to a hole in one. Let's play sometime!

Shelley said...

I also agree that Melinda is the best singer, but I probably would not buy her CD either. To me, she's not a pop icon, but a true SINGER. There are times when I want to listen to true SINGERs, but usually when I listen to music in the car, I want to listen to something fun with a pop beat that I can sing along with. Therefore, Blake gets my vote. I think he's going to put out a great dance CD - can't wait for it!

About LOST - hello! Blow my mind once again! I am torn on the Locke being dead thing. On the one hand, the producers said they were going to kill of 5 characters before the end of the season. On the other hand, it's LOCKE!!!!! Isn't he the most pivotal character on the show? I think the show rises and falls with him and Jack, so I think he will somehow pull through. But what about Richard (the "Other" who recruited Juliette on the main land)? Has he never aged, or did they just use him in Ben's flashback so we would recognize his face, knowing they really couldn't make him look any younger? That show facinates me and creeps me out!

Greg & Nicolle Sherwood said...

Good point about the recruiter not aging. Come to think of it, Ben looked the same age when he sold out and became an other as he does now... maybe the island or the others have the "fountain of youth" that Juan Ponce De Leon was searching for oh so long ago.
P.S. Locke is not dead

andrea said...

I must say that I am just thrilled with AI this season. Usually America gets it wrong when it comes down the wire. Like Chris Daughtry and Tamyra Gray getting kicked off before they should have. But these top four were the best this season I'm so happy that they made it there.

That said, I'm torn between Melinda and Blake for who I want to win. They are both SO different and SO good at what they do. Should be interesting.

Locke can't be dead. He wasn't shot in the head or the heart, right? Looked more like the intestinal area. My theory is that the "power of the island" is going to heal him, like it did the Russian guy who got his brains fried by the fence.

Such a GREAT show last night!!

Shelley said...

I've never gone on those "LOST blogs", but Michael sent me a link to one that shows "screencaps" - freeze frame images from the show. They slowed down the frames and actually saw a picture of Jacob sitting in that chair. I thought these were interesting (and creepy). Check it out:

Steve said...

Greg, Greg, Greg...how can you be rooting for Barry Bonds?

I thought you loved and respected the game...

Carrie said...

Locke is not dead. The Jacob scene creeped us out. We were watching it on DVR, and we kept pausing it to see if we could figure out who it is.

Still can't figure out if Juliette will be good or bad. Torn on that one completely. And...Jack is getting on my nerves the last few episodes. No idea why.
I love that show!

American Idol....
Jordin or Blake will win. Melinda should win, but even if she does she will be like Taylor Hicks and not sell anything. Unless...she goes into gospel music. She could have a great career in gospel music. Either way it goes, Jordin will have a career in music, TV, or modeling. Blake is unique, but the beat boxing can get a little overdone. It was cool for awhile, but without the right song it can just get wierd.

Does anyone else think that Ryan Seacrest is a little off this year?