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May 2, 2007

Happy Birthday Nicolle

Today is Nicolle’s Birthday and I thought I would list 20 (since you are turning 20) of my favorite experiences with you, that are not too personal to share with everyone:

1. Our first date: Who knew that the key to your heart was have everything that I planned on doing, go wrong.

2. Playing soccer: There may be 1 or 2 times that would not make this list, all the other times do

3. Lake Powell: I have never jumped as high when I was wakeboarding as I did during this week, I had to show everyone else what a stud you were dating

4. Hawaii: This was great because we had shave ice everyday and had so much personal time, oh wait, forget that last thing.

5. New York City: we were able to see a Yankees game and 2 Broadway show, plus we both lost about20 lbs each because of the heat

6. Europe: Too many to name

7. Victor NY: We were able to see the Hill Cumorah, Sacred Grove and the basement bathroom

8. San Diego: Each time we went, Coronado Island was lots of fun. SeaWorld was great when we got the photo of you yelling at Speedo boy

9. Riders to the Sea: Aside from Brea’s toes, and me falling asleep on stage, I loved making my Opera debut with you

10. Denver/Payson: Coyotes, Weird couple where we camped, and shag carpet at my grandparents place, what more could anyone ask for

11. Whistler: Snow that felt like a pillow when I fell (which was quite often) on a mountain that we skied through 3 different weather systems. Good times

12. Drive across the country: Remember how soft the bed felt compared to the Uhual, and you can’t beat Golden Corral in Gallup NM

13. Carolina Beach: You got to see me in my Barney wetsuit trying to learn to skim board

14. Colorado: It was a bountiful place and the impala makes for a nice tent

15. Cruise: Only real men can climb the Iceberg
16. Prescott: Friday night concerts just don’t get any better than that

17. Camping with the Rancho youth: Good thing we had experienced #10 otherwise we would have ended up like the Jordans

18. Breaking Hope out of the MTC: That was fun to see Koni’s face when we told her what we were doing

19. Manhattan Beach: Do you want to go eat breakfast at that place again?

20. Gatlinburg: I don’t know which was better watching the family do the Amazing Race or hearing Rob give the clue “Franco Prussian War” in 25 words or less

And I would have to say that my favorite experience with you is being with you everyday, because when we are apart that is my least favorite time.

I love you.


Natalie said...

AWWWWW. That is so sweet! Happy Birthday Nicolle! I hope you had a fabulous day! We love having you guys as friends. Thanks for being such great people to hang out with!

PS - How long have you guys been married...like 100 years? You guys have been so many places and done so many things! I am jealous!

Greg & Nicolle Sherwood said...

Yes, it has almost been a hundred years, about the same time that you and david dated before getting married.

Carrie and Seth said...

Happy Birthday Nicolle!!!!!!!!!!

Cami D. said...

K you're cute to post this and HAPPY Bday Nicolle! Greg, I had to laugh as I read about your first date. I remember when you took her to a concert and emailed me about wanting to hold her hand...Remember my advice - pretend to trip and let her catch you! ahhhhhh ha ha ha Why would I say that?? None the less - YOU GOT HER! I'm so glad! I hope you guys are well!