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Aug 19, 2007


This weekend we went to the PGA golf tournament that is held in Greensboro every year. Here we are getting ready to walk through the course. Clara's first teeth (in the middle on the bottom) have started to come through. She is always doing funny stuff with her tongue and lips, getting used to the new feeling. Her two methods of transportation these days are the army crawl and the lunge. You'd be suprised at how fast she can move with these skills. This morning she got into a freshly washed and folded basket of laundry. She was quite proud of herself.
She loves playing with her rubber ducky in the bath. It works out well for us, because she is so fixated on the duck that she doesn't mind getting scrubbed.
Clara turned seven months old last week. We can't believe how fast the time is going. We want to record some of our favorite things about her at this age, so we won't forget.
  • she gives great kisses and hugs (she plays a really cute game with Nicolle, where she gives her a big kiss on the cheek while singing, then laughs)
  • she takes naps on the couch nestled in her Dad's arms
  • her first syllables are a-ba, mma-mma, a-da, dai, n-ga...it is funny when she tries to talk and chew on her pacifier at the same time
  • she loves to sing...while having music time with mom or at choir or during hymns at church. She tries to outsing the whole group.
  • her favorite place to play is on our big bed... she squeals and crawls away from us when we chase her or she buries her head in the mattress
  • she loves to jump... especially in her toy jumperoo
  • her smile and laugh are contagious
  • she loves to give head butts... sometimes they hurt
  • she is a fiesty girl- she fights going to sleep even when it is OBVIOUS that she is beyond tired
  • the best is when she is asleep and you move her... she just melts into you
  • she isn't afraid of strangers, yet, and gives big smiles to anyone who talks to her
  • when she sits up by herself, sometimes she holds her arms straight out or straight up to help keep her balance- it looks like she is waiting for a big hug


andrea said...

Those pics are ADORABLE. She is such a photogenic little girl. She looks so mischievous by the laundry basket. :)

Natalie said...

Those pictures are great! Clara is getting so big so fast I can't believe it! She is so beautiful too.

She must like to roll around in a pile of clean clothes. Who doesn't? Hilarious.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for keeping updated! What a fun age. The fun never stops! Great pictures.


Anonymous said...

What cute pictures!! Enjoy Clara, she is at a great age with lots of fun!!


chris2005nath said...

I can't wait to see her! She is so so cute. I think she looks like an exact half and half mixture of both of you.

Carrie said...

I love her pink sun hat. Too cute! I think she is going to be very musical like her mama. I am not surprised at all that she loves to sing all the time. : )