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Sep 8, 2007


On August 25th, Nicolle decided that she wanted to add another title to her ever growing resume. After adding Opera Singer, Mother, Wife, Executive Director, gourmet chef, she felt she needed to add two time triathlete. Nicolle had done a triathlon in AZ with Greg, but she wanted to do one on her own, without drafting off of Greg.

She did something that Greg had never done, and that was before the race even started. No I am not talking about training (although that too would be true), She was a true mother and fed Clara before her swim started.

This Triathlon consisted of a 500 Meter Swim, a 16 mile bike (which somehow was uphill the whole way), and a 5K run. Here is how Nicolle did on each section of the race:


Nicolle made the mistake of telling the race officials that she was not a good swimmer. They then put Nicolle at the last starter. This became a problem when Nicolle realized that she was a better swimmer that she had stated. She struggled to pass the really bad swimmers who were doing the survival stroke (Kick, Glide, Pull, Glide, Survival Float and Breathe). However she relied on her trusty flip turn to pass some utah drivers.


Another Disadvantage of starting as the last one is Nicolle did not start at a cool 8:30am, but at an increasingly hot 10:30 am. By the time Nicolle started the Bike, it was an almost unbearable 95 degrees, and that was in the shade. The crowd cheered as Nicolle started the 16 miles of uphill riding. Nicolle also was using a Mountain Bike instead of a road bike. For those of you who don’t know the difference, using a Mountain bike on a road race is like running with flip flops in a marathon. Despite these setbacks Nicolle was able to complete this leg of the race looking great.


This was a piece of cake for Nicolle, she did not even experience the dreaded jello legs that most people get after riding for 16 miles. In a time that most would struggle to get when just doing a 5K, Nicolle ran to the finishing line with a cheering crowd raising pandemonium.

Nicolle did a great job in training and during the race. She was such a trooper that she ran inside, and got ready for a choir rehearsal.

Congratulations Nicolle, Way to Go.


Anonymous said...

Way to go Nicolle!!! I did the same thing with Maya in the feeding things with the Tri in Vegas. You are amazing!


Shelley said...

Yay for Nicolle! I love the picture of you in your non-space-agey bike helmet. Congrats on doing such a great job!

Leah & Mike said...

SuperMom at it again. Way to go.


andrea said...

Nicolle rocks! You're my hero.

Natalie said...

Yeah Nicolle! You are so amazing! I would have immediately drowned in the frist leg of the competition. You are such an inspiration! And it was so cute that Greg and Clara were there to cheer you on.

Carrie said...

I was out of breath just reading about your day. You make it look easy Nicolle!! Also, thanks for the birthday call you guys, that was really sweet. : )

Kel said...

Good Job Nicolle! Wow, you can do everything!

Janell said...