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Sep 22, 2007

Nashville Nights (and Days)

Last weekend, we all went to Nashville to visit Nicolle's family and attend Nicolle's 10th High School Reunion. It was a weekend that we were looking forward to for a number of months now.

One thing that Clara has started to really enjoy is going to the park and riding the swings. We took her to one in Nashville and as you can see, she really enjoyed herself.

Greg's old roommate, Greg Dibb, lives in Nashville as well. Greg was able to go on a plant tour of the Nissan plant thanks to GDibb and they played soccer together as well. While GDibb showed that he was still better that Greg, Greg claims he only let Greg shine because it was his birthday.

It is kind of funny if you compare some of the similarities between these two guys

Category / Greg Sherwood / Greg Dibb
Favorite Sport / All / All
Last Birthday Party / Played Basketball w/Friends / Played soccer w/Friends
Name / Greg / Greg
College Degree / Supply Chain Management / Engineering
College Degree Translated / Nerd / Nerd
MBA School Attended / UNCG / MIT
Industries worked in / Semiconductor, Automotive / Semiconductor, Automotive

We also got to go to Nicolle's college, Belmont University. Nicolle was able to attend a choir rehearsal of a group that she belonged to. While singing with the choir, Clara and Greg wondered the Belmont campus.

The reunion was fun and Nicolle was able to see some old friends. Luckily for Greg, one of Nicolle's classmates married a guy from AZ who Greg played soccer with. So while the Girls (Nicolle and Marcee) were catching up on old times with their friends, the boys (Greg and Lance) were helping themselves to the "Heavy Appetizers." Nicolle was so excited to see all of her friends she was only able to get one photo of them.

Greg was shocked to learn that someone in TN read our blog, so the whole funny job this was exposed. On a side note, when people asked and I told them that I was a Rubber Buyer, they thought that I was joking anyway.


Carrie said...

This entire post made me homesick. : ) I am glad that you guys had so much fun. It's always great to catch up with old friends.

Natalie said...

My favorite photo is the one of Clara next to the Melinda Doolittle sign. She looks so small!

Western Rebel said...

i missed my reunion this weekend and this make me feel like i missed out! so cute to see you and jamie, right? happy 10 years!

Chris and Karen said...

Shouldn't there be a Josh Turner way at Belmont? There seem to be a lot of Famous people who when to your School. Love the photos.

andrea said...

Watching Clara swing at Adams Farm park was SOOOO fun. Her laugh was contagious. And I loved the pic of her on Melinda way, too.

Too bad Greg's identity crisis didn't work out. I was excited to hear which profession you had chosen and the responses that you got.

Jennifer said...

WOW! It's so cool to see you 2 Gregs together.

Clara is ADORABLE!!