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Apr 27, 2008

Clara at the Zoo

Last weekend, we went to the Zoo with some friends. Clara enjoyed seeing all the animals, and would walk up to see every one of them.
As you can see, this girl was not very happy with Clara. We saw alot of different animals from Africa like Lions, Giraffes, Elephants, and Monkeys to name a few.
Clara has also discovered Ice Cream, and from the looks of it, this will be a long friendship between Clara and Ice Cream.


carrie said...

there are worse things to have long term relationships with. and ice cream is so dependable. Ü

Natalie said...

Clara I suggest you try Edy's double fudge brownie ice cream. It is my favorite! I will bring you some next time I come over.

rob, jax & max: the harmon squad said...

Clara us so stinking cute- and I think every child has a special relationship with ice cream. With Max it started in the womb. Whenever I would eat ice cream when I was pregnant Max would tap contentedly.

Leah & Mike said...

Great photos. We miss you guys, hope all is well.

andrea said...

Looks like a great trip to the zoo!

Clara--we pretty much always have our freezer stocked with ice cream, so just let us know when you want to come over and visit with your friend.

Janell said...

It's FUN to read your blog! I miss you guys! :) I thought of you as I drove by the Nashville Temple this weekend.