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Jan 4, 2009

Church Brawl, I mean Basketball, has Begun

Church basketball has started for the 2009 season. I (Greg) will practice my beat writing skills and give a recap from the game and commentary.

Friday Jan, 2nd was the first outing for the Lakefield’s mens team, and they picked up where they left off last season. Just like in the stake championship last year, Lakefield had put the mercy rule into effect before halftime with a final score of 58 to 18.

It was a balanced team effort led by Michael Aagard and Greg Vlazny scoring 14 points each, and Tom Dougherty chipping in an additional 10 points.

Coach Bob Musso still felt there was more to improve, “I don’t remember anyone putting their hands up on defense.” Coach Bob said after the game.

In addition to Coach Bob’s comments, Greg Vlanzy got a technical foul and was forced to sit out for 5 minutes. Also, the ref made some threatening remarks toward Greg Sherwood after he picked up his second foul in the first half.

While the team is able fast break, it needs to work on its half court team offence. Too often when the ball was brought up, the team takes the first chance they see and even force it when something is not there.

Our next game will be against a difficult Summit team. I hope to have photos and more stats for the game. Maybe somebody will volunteer and we can make a Fantasy league out of it. Here is a hint, don’t pick up Andrew.


Chris and Karen said...

you getting upset at a ref? no way.

Shelley said...

hahahaha! i said to michael after leaving mc donald's yesterday "you and greg are so funny going over all the details of the game after EVERY game." michael said, "girls talk about stupid stuff too." 'nough said.

Michael said...

With the first selection in the 2009 Stake Basketball draft, Michael Aagard selects...

Michael Aagard, of course!

14 points, 6 rebounds, 4 assists, 3 steals, and a block... and a little girl who is overcoming her fear of the ridiculously loud buzzer. "Bye-bye, noise."

See Vlazny, fat boys can play too!

Natalie said...

Oh man. Church ball. Can you email me your schedule so I can come to watch some fights break out?

Kindy said...

This sounds more intense than Fairport vs. CA or Pittsford. Good luck, but can you top 5 stake championships?