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Jan 11, 2009

Most VALUABLE Player

Friday’s key player was not Greg Vlasney with his 13 points and outside shot to stretch the defense. It was not Greg Tukes filling in for the absent Tom Daugherty at center. It was not the Gregs (Vlasney, Tukes, and Sherwood) with 6 for 8 free throw shooting at the end to preserve the 53-42 victory. It was someone who had 0 Points, 0 Rebounds, 0 Assists, 0 Steals and 0 Blocks. He did however, manage to get 5 fouls.

Mike Burbridge made the summit wards Chris Baughan sing Sinatra after the game. The lines were never more true, “I’ve got you, under my skin.” Mike got under Chris’s skin from the start of the game, and only let him relax when the 2nd team came into the game.

Jeremy Holmes and Greg Wheatley got the assignment to lock down Chris when Mike was not in the game. To Jeremy and Greg W’s credit, they did a great job defending Chris, and since Bishop Sweat out with a back injury, Chris is the league’s smartest and best player. Even with Jeremy and Greg W’s hanging on each of his arms and sticking a hand in his face, Chris would make some impossible shots, keeping Summit ward in the game.

When Mike took on his assignment, he did not just want Chris to miss his shots, he didn’t want Chris to touch the ball. Mike shut down Chris, limiting him to 2-6 from the field, and when asked to comment after the game, all the Mike could say was, “He did score 4 points on me.”

When Mike fouled out with 2 minutes left in the game, his work was done. Lakefield ward had scored enough, and Summit ward been contained. 4 points from free throws, and a layup later, the buzzer sounded and Lakefield was 2-0.

Michael Aagard told Mike at the beginning of the game to stick to Chris like gum, and he wanted to know flavor he was. (Stealing a line from the greatest sports movie ever)

He was Dentyne.


Kari said...

That is the best quote!! I am glad to see that at least somewhere they still play church ball and that it is still as competitive as ever!!

Kindy said...

What are you doing working at Volvo? ESPN-Churchball needs you as their commentator.

Michael said...

What I want to know is where you got a Glamor Shot picture of Chris Baughn. And why didn't Deb get him to put his fist under his chin like she did with Uncle Rico?

And what exactly makes him the league's "smartest" player? Would that be knowing when to call time-outs to plan fouling within the last two minutes? Would that be passing to an outlet immediately after getting a rebound so as not to risk Greg Wheatley's famous Tenacious D? Or would that be because he knows when he's beat enough to call off his teammates?

I would say Chris is the league's best shooter, but we all know Greg Sherwood is the leagues best player.

andrea said...

Greg--Thanks so much for the updates. Look like I'll have to enjoy church ball vicariously through your blog this season. I'll look forward to next week's report.

Way to go, Mike!

Natalie said...

Yes only our men's team would be proud of fouling out of a game.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I know you all don't like to post every little detail about Clara's life, but I think her 2nd birthday constitutes at least one picture or video. Basketball is great and all, (not really), but I need my Clara fix!!!